Friday, November 21, 2014

Day Spent Fishing

Today (Saturday) started out with a little rain, but cleared up so washing was done and hung out, date scones made for morning tea and then Roger and I went fishing after lunch…


And 5 hours or so later, we came home…..

Empty handed and had smoked chicken with veges for dinner! Still another day tomorrow. This fishing thing is not going well so far this trip but we had an enjoyable day anyway.

So a couple of days since last post and Thursday was a bit more productive as we went for a walk towards Fletcher Bay and got about 1/3 of the way there.


It was a lovely walk of about 1 1/2 hours each way with a lovely view from the point where we turned around. Great Barrier Island in the far distance.


There were some lovely views for the track and it was a very easy grade.

It was a nice walk and we came across some lovely plants, waterfalls and views on the way there and back

On the way back we encountered an interesting thing…


and low and behold right in the middle of the track was…


They are upgrading the entire track through to Fletcher Bay. The first time for 14 years.

Yesterday was also a lovely day and we went kayak fishing….

Unfortunately the only fish was caught by Brenda was a foul hooked Leather Jacket, which Roger had for his lunch.

After arriving back there was a helicopter landed in the field loading or unloading supplies and then it took off again up into the hills….

So the nasty weather really has not eventuated and we have had some breezy, gusty conditions but it has been fine mainly and rather pleasant. Tonight is a rather orange evening so tomorrow is looking good as well.

The campsite is filling up with people and cars and motorcyclists so we are loosing our nice peaceful spot!

Tomorrow might be a walk to the western side of the bay and a walk out to the point for some fishing …or not, one never knows what the day might bring.

Safe travels everyone.