Friday, November 28, 2014

Kauaeranga Valley

The next day was a bit of a lazy day…..

Then on Thursday I headed back to Thames for my appointment with the nurse for the first of my Hepatitis vaccinations. It was a slow trip out, but we had paused in Coromandel for me to empty tanks and have morning tea. We also went for a bit of a tiki tour around the area. We headed out towards the wharf and then up one of the side roads…..steep, windy and narrow but quite an amazing view of the various islands and bays close by. The bay at the end of the road was quite pretty as well.


From there we headed into Thames to stock up on fruit and veges and then move into the Kauaeranga Valley for a couple of nights before heading back to Auckland.

On arrival I found that I couldn’t head all the way up as there had been a slip so met Brenda and Roger at the first campsite after the visitors centre, Hotoritori. It is the start of a 15 min walk and a series of small mountain bike tracks.

On Friday morning the weather packed up and we became inundated with school pupils from St Peter’s Cambridge as they were finishing up their school camp. They had walked down from the next campsite as the busses couldn’t get past the slip area. There were 5 large busses arrived to take them away.


We walked up the road in the rain to have a look at the slip area and see how far up the road we could get.

It was quite a successful walk as we ended up collecting 24 tent pegs that had been left by the school pupils! I spent about 15 mins straightening most of them but now have a great collection of spare pegs!

Today (Saturday) I am going to do the bike rides but am waiting for the temperature to rise slightly, it was quite chilly this morning. Now that the sun is out I am going to head out. Trip report to come.


Had a lovely trip around the trails. Managed to do most of them, just missed a few of the double backs. Nice track and well maintained. Not huge and managed to do it in about 1 1/2 hours. Well worth the trip.

So after a lovely lunch the decision was made to move on as the weather was not really conducive to long walks and it would be a very long walk up to where we wanted to go as we were restricted by the slip and couldn’t drive up.

So farewell to Brenda and Roger as they headed back home and I headed across the Firth of Thames to Ray’s Rest for the night then heading towards Auckland again to finalise things for Christmas.

So updating blogs, answering emails and texts from being out of coverage for a few days…..

Safe travels everyone….