Sunday, November 16, 2014

It’s A Loooong Way To Stony Bay

After a beautiful sunrise at Ray’s Rest…

I headed off to Thames where I was due to have some inoculations, but had just a blood test so that she could work out what exactly I needed. I will go back when I pass through on my way out.

So then it was the long, slow, windy, wet trip up the east side of the Coromandel Peninsular to the end of the road at Stony Bay.

The Dept of Conservation camp ground here is quite large and has 4 different areas for camping, although one area is shut due to storm damage and another is shut due to a water leak. So up until about 6pm I was the only camper on site, but since then there have been at least three car/van loads arrived full of young foreign tourists, who have all pitched tents and settled in for the night.

When I arrived I was greeted by a lovely camp manager and her husband. As I was the only one on site I could go where ever I wanted so I chose a lovely spot close to the beach and near the easiest place to launch the kayak from.

As I pulled in I noticed a family beside the bus…


Slightly blurry as they were shot through the windscreen in the rain….

and the view from the front window…..


but now the rain has stopped and the weather cleared a little….

You can see Great Barrier in the distance in the first photo.

So although it looks cold and miserable,


it is actually quite warm, calm and nice here. I am looking forward to a couple of weeks of peace and quiet with just me and the birds…


This is a NZ Dotterel and there are a pair that do nest here and are due to nest soon. Last year they raised two chicks successfully.

So a good couple of weeks fishing, sailing, tramping and relaxing and coming to terms with being deaf in one ear!

Safe travels everyone…

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