Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Family Catch Up & Moving On….

I have just had a wonderful week plus with my sister in Whangarei, and on Sunday went down to Manganese Point for a couple of nights.
Caught one undersize snapper from the kayak but little else out there, but had a great time.
So headed back to Whangarei on Tuesday to have a final dinner with my sister, niece and her new man. Quite a nice guy and I hope that they are happy.
So today I headed southwards and got as far as Uretiti DoC camp and low and behold who should be parked up there but The Flying Tortoise. So I stopped and said hi to Keith and am now parked up near him. He was showing off his kite fishing rig and though we didn't catch anything we had a great afternoon catching up and having fun with the kite. It is definitely a one man operation unlike a lot of the rigs I have seen and he can put up to a dozen hooks on but we only had 5 on this afternoon.
I had a bit of a surf cast and there was definitely something out there but failed to entice it onto the hook. A great afternoon was had.
I must say that I have never seen such calm waters on this coast as there was today.
So am here for a couple of days before heading back to Auckland for a busy week.
I have a CT scan for my other ear on Monday, a visit with the specialist on Wednesday and then my son is getting married Saturday. So a busy week for me next week.
Safe travels everyone.

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