Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Uretiti – Onwards & Southwards

Well the time has come and tomorrow is moving day again.

I am heading through to Auckland tomorrow to assist a friend in need.

But a great time was had here at Uretiti and was great to catch up with Keith and to try a bit of fishing…. try being the word, well actually we succeeded in fishing just failed at catching anything. but fun was had.

This evening is a glorious evening after a rather interesting day of rain, wind sunshine, rinse and repeat.

and now….

On my walk today I came across a wonderful shell


Then I remembered what someone had told me….


So it’s off to Auckland via Shakespeare Park to catch up with Bernice and Roy at their new job to drop off some containers that they kindly lent me when they were at Ambury Park.

I am also hoping to be able to be the bearer of some good and exciting Christmas news, as soon as it is all confirmed and tied up, but looking very promising so far.

Now, there have been a couple of minor changes to the blog layout that you may not have picked up on. I have added a follow button (at great expense, I might add, as I had to get in a rewrite the HTML code to make it work!) that you can now click on to follow my blog, rather than an RSS feed or email digest. Thanks to Keith from The Flying Tortoise for the heads up on that one. Might just make following me a bit easier.

The second change is the removal of the advertising slot. So far in the past year it has earned me the princely sum of $15.43. So it goes.

Hope this improves things for my readers. If I read the stats correctly I am heading towards cracking the ton (100) regular readers.  Yippee.

Safe travels everyone!

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