Saturday, December 20, 2014

Birdlife at Akapoua Bay

This morning was woken by the raucous call of a bird that I recognised but couldn’t place. I wandered out with my coffee and discovered a flock of North Island Kaka swooping and playing around the campsite. I had not heard a Kaka for a long time and thought for a moment that they were Kea until I saw the underwing colour of scarlet and orange rather than the bright orange of the Kea. Also after checking the book I realised that Kaka are very common out here on the islands of the gulf. They are from the same genus Nestor as the Kea. North Island Kaka being Nestor meridionalis septentrionalis and Kea are Nestor notabilis. There were about 10 playing around this morning.


and on the way back to the bus more Kereru were in the shrubs feeding and having fun.

Also ranging around the campsite, though very timid are Banded Rail.



The day has cleared up from the rain yesterday….



so am just deciding which walk to do this afternoon. Might head through to Port FitzRoy and see what is happening in the thriving metropolis.

Tomorrow starts the induction process and training with The Department of Conservation back at Okiwi so will have to get up early. An 8:30am start so will have to leave here at about 8:15am, due to the traffic.