Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NZ Rail…….

So early Sunday morning staggering half awake down to the railway station in Wellington, searching for coffee…..
The train is a very quiet comfortable ride. Left on time and arrived on time, something that never happened when I used to ride the rail in the early 1980’s.
These were on the platform at Palmerston North, the first stop. I was starting to wake up by then.
So a light airy carriage/car on the train and behind us was an open air carriage and 2 ahead was the cafe car.
So here is a visual journey for your enjoyment…..
I have a few videos that I will attempt to post later especially the Raurimu Spiral.... done!

Am currently at Ardmore NZMCA park for a couple of days to give my sister a break……. and let her grass grow again.

and Mangaokewa Viaduct as seen is an earlier blog from below....

Enjoy and safe travels.

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