Thursday, December 25, 2014

What A Great Day

A day spent in reflection. Thinking about what and who matters in my life and how things interact to create the life that I live. Interesting times.

So after a lovely lunch of pan fried snapper and home made chips (potato and kumara)


I went for a wander around the bay to have a closer look at the house on the water.

Not currently occupied but presumably will be before I head home. It sits there floating and is moored to the shoreline.

I also came across a rather interesting excitement as I wandered around the shoreline. I heard the buzzing of bees and assumed that it would be a flowering pohutakawa but it turned out that this was a nest of what appears to be native bees in the bank just above high water mark.

Quite fascinating watching the hundreds of bees come and go from the hundreds of holes.

Had an interesting visit today from a young couple from Tokyo. They were asking about drinking water as they had run out and the store at Port FitzRoy was shut, so I gave them a glass each and then filled their water bottle up from the bus. The local water coming from the stream, cloudy and potentially has giardia in it. Most camp site water around the island needs to be filtered, treated or boiled as it all comes from streams. Luckily they just needed a bit to see them back to their accommodation.

For dinner I decided to smoke the other fillet of snapper, using Roger’s marinade recipe of brown sugar and sweet chilli sauce. Was fantastic with a bit of salad from the garden and beetroot from Brenda.


And to top the day off….


Tomorrow begins the task of being Camp Supervisor. Start wearing the hat, hi viz vest and attending to my duties, cleaning toilets, showers and sinks, making sure people behave and if they haven’t booked in take their money.

Oh and just for Lynette, who is coming over on later, I have the hot water sussed for the shower. Thanks to Brenda and Roger for the loan. It is getting heaps of use, every day.


It was so hot the other day I had to turn on the cold tap…..

I hope everyone had a great day today and didn’t eat too much…hahaha.