Saturday, December 27, 2014

Getting Busy….

Today things started to get busy at the campsite here at Akapoua Bay.

The boats have started to come in now that the easterlies have started to die down and Christmas and the Boxing Day sales are over and now it is time to go on holiday!

So we currently have 7 families and a group of young 7 people off a yacht in camp for tonight.

Muffin day yesterday as the bananas were getting rapidly past their use by date. I have since been told that if you wrap the stalks in tin foil it slows the ripening process down somewhat. Will try that next time.


I also forgot to include the pic of the cyclist who arrived and slung a hammock between the trees for the night


Have had a great number of people very upset at the devastation and the loss of the kauri dams so I have managed to get a pic of a photo of the damage here at the camp



They have done a huge amount of work to get the campsite back into working order!

So a boring fresh fish and chip dinner again tonight! Forgot to take pics sorry but went out in kayak about 10:30, paddled across to the point again and within 5 mins had caught a 40cm snapper. So came home again! One of the families off a fiz boat went out and brought in some very large snapper! So they are definitely out there!

I am thoroughly  enjoying this job, I get up early and clean the loos and sinks before anyone else is up and then check people in as they arrive during the day. I am officially off duty between 9am and 2pm but if I am here then I am available. I generally do last wander through the camp around 8:30pm and then call it a night. If I hear anything I will take a wander but all quiet so far…..

Safe travels everyone.

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