Friday, December 19, 2014

Storm Damage and Kereru

This afternoon I went for a wander around the Warrens Track, from Akapoua Bay up to the waterfalls and back around to Akapoua Bay. A lovely walk of about an hours duration. Unfortunately the track through to Port FitzRoy was closed due to storm damage so was unable to go that way.


The storm damage along the track is just amazing with huge washouts and slips and seeing where the water levels were is quite scary. The walk itself was very pretty with a couple of river crossings and some lovely stairways…..

After returning I was sitting beside the bus and a Kereru came down to feed at the Kawakawa tree about 3 metres for where I was sitting.

Cloudy and been threatening to rain all day today but hasn’t eventuated . Might be rain up in the hills but hasn’t got down here yet.

It has obviously been a far too long winter as I was soaked in sweat by the time I had climbed all the stairs……. might have to do the round trip every morning for a while….

Catch you all later, thanks for the comments by the way people, enjoy finding out that there are more than just a couple of family and friends reading this…..

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