Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Manutahi and beyond....

A bit of an update...
after a couple of days in Stratford avoiding the weather I headed out to a lovely POP (park over property) out from Stratford.
Met Lou the owner of the property and we had a great chat and attempted to fix the woes of the world. He agrees that it would be commercially viable for farms of 25+hectares provided there is about 75% equity in the property and that the community works together and local farmers jointly own tractors and equipment. This is my idea for getting communities and small towns back to economic viability. Local small farm lots, local dairy factory, local meat processing, local market gardens and thus loads of jobs locally! Revive a lot of the small communities that are slowly dying.
So after another windy rainy night I said goodbye to Lou and moved off to do some business in Hawera. Then on to a lovely POP in Manutahi.
Manutahi B&B

Manutahi B&B
This used to be the local pub but the current owners have turned it into a lovely B&B and camp ground.
I am parked in the driveway as the 'paddock' is wet and William decided that he didn't want to have to pull me out. I decided that I didn't want to destroy his lawn! So we were in agreement on that. On wandering around I came across the local bird life.....
Local bird life
The little black fluff ball is quite cute!
Apparently there might be some good fishing down the road so I might explore that tomorrow if the weather is reasonable. The good thing so far about the weather, don't like it? Wait an hour and it will change!
Taranaki has some interesting weather patterns and it is certainly getting colder, even the locals are starting to complain!

Safe travels everyone!