Saturday, August 2, 2014

Up The Mountain!

So the weather this morning at Lake Rotokare was shocking so I decided to text Brenda and Roger about the weather and the decision was made to move through to Dawson Falls.

On Manaia Road, leading up the mountain a Dept of Conservation worker flagged me down and told me that this was as far as I was going to get this morning as there was a tree down over the road and it would probably be a couple of hours before they could get it cleared. So another round of text messages and we all met up again in Stratford for morning tea and discussion.

We decided to move up the mountain to the Stratford Lodge car park and do a couple of the small walks there and see what happened with the weather, it was looking like it was slowly clearing.

So we wandered around a couple of the loop tracks leading from the car park and had a lovely walk even though it didn’t rain, we got up into the mist and low cloud and the trees were dripping water like it was raining!

The moss on the trees was amazing, as it draped and covered the trees in a wonderful goblinish ways.

So we will spend what looks like a chilly night here and then tomorrow head over to the York Road Loop track and have a look there at the old railway and quarry site that was the site for most of the rock for the New Plymouth Port and roads in the Taranaki area. It is about a 3 hour round trip.