Saturday, August 16, 2014

Meeting Wildlife and Canadians

Not necessarily in that order….

After arriving at Waiinu Beach and setting up camp, I decided to take a walk along the reserve in a southerly direction as there was a bit of a headland that looked like it would be a great vantage point.

It was and the day was lovely so I headed back to have a bit of lunch and then head in a northerly direction as see if the rumours of a whale washed up on the beach were true.

As I was leaving there was a couple outside enjoying the view, they were leaning against their car and as I headed out they came over and asked me about the Fredrock Cafe. They have just bought a campervan and were keen to talk about the hows, whys and other things. They are a lovely couple, Noel and Suzanne


who hail from Canada, but have been out here for 12 years and are living in Palmerston  North and they have just got their ‘book’ from the NZMCA and were scoping out the places to come and stay when they took possession of their campervan. We chatted for quite a while and I gave them the grand tour of the Fredrock Cafe. They have been on the motorhome forum and have been very grateful for all the wonderful advice that is available there. If you see them out there on the road please say hi and make them feel welcome to our motor homing community as I know you all will anyway!

So after bidding Noel and Suzanne safe travels, I headed off up the beach to see if I could find a whale. On the way I came across some interesting things….

Finally after about an hour and a half I finally came across the whale unfortunately…


Not overly large but quite big enough. About 4 metres in length. Looked like it had not been there very long at all.

So after a further 15 mins walk up the beach I turned and headed back to camp.

On the way back the tide had dropped and revealed a spring bubbling up out of the sand. Quite interesting patterns on the beach.

Also met my little friend again, this time on a log…

Then I spied something that I never imagined that I would see on the beach…


Unfortunately it too was dead.


This little fellow wasn’t though and he/she was fast! I was lucky to get him/her when it paused. I believe it to be a Banded Dotterel or Tuturiwhatu.

So after about 3 1/2 hours of walking I arrived back at the bus, very grateful to be back as the temperature had started to fall quite rapidly because the sun had gone behind the clouds.

So another day over and a lovely one it was. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings….

Safe travels everyone

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