Friday, August 15, 2014

Sunset over Waverley Beach……

This was last night looking down towards Long Beach after I had finished an awesome walk along the beach with Barry, a long term resident of the campground. He spends winter here and then heads inland for the shearing season.
So what we saw as the sun set….
Looking in the other direction was interesting as the sun sank lower in the sky….
Our shadows got longer and longer……
The walk itself was very interesting starting with the one in the morning from Long Beach around the corner to Cave Beach.
It was interesting to see the destruction wrought by Mother Nature on the cliffs and to see the way it is weathering.
The walk along Long Beach was every bit as interesting but for different reasons…
The colours in the rocks and cliffs were fascinating and the colours are pretty close to what they really were. The foam doesn’t look as good in the pics as it really looked like icebergs sitting on the beach…..
So from there this morning I headed back to Waverley to pay my fees at the library and had a lovely chat with the librarian there. She is fascinated by the lifestyle and is keen to do it herself.
After checking the 'book' it looks like I should have called it Wairoa Beach....but all the signs say Waverley Beach....go figure!
From there I headed down SH 3 and turned off at a lovely little village called  Waitotara, which has some lovely old buildings which look like they have been repurposed into houses. Headed out to the coast and am currently in a lovely spot called Waiinu Beach.
Believe it of not there are three other vehicles behind the Fredrick Cafe… two house busses and a campervan.
It appears that there are those strange things called children over there… so will be keeping my distance!
Depending on the weather I may be here for a few days…
Safe travels everyone.

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