Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Patea and Waverley

This morning I left Manutahi after saying goodbye to my hosts and got a “Anytime you are passing, just drop in and park up.” Awesome people!

So headed down towards the beach at Manutahi but the road started to get a little narrow and not too many turning places so decided to turn back and headed off towards Patea. Lovely little village and headed out to the river mouth and beach.

There was a lookout on the way to the river mouth and I paused and had a windblown excursion to look at the view. While I was there a police car drove up into the car park and we had a chat about the weather and the conditions. He said that I probably could have got to the beach at Manutahi and turned around successfully! When asked if it was always this windy, the reply was, no, just most of the time….!

From there I headed down to the river mouth and beach.

A very desolate place with a bit of a wreck on the beach

The wind was such that the fine sand was being scoured away leaving interesting patterns in the course stuff left behind.

So from there I headed through to Waverley and then out to the beach there where I am going to spend a couple of nights. It is terrible busy here!


After some morning tea I went for a walk towards the ‘beach’…

The amount of debris, timber and trees in the water was amazing.

and then I spied a little mammal lying exhausted on the rock


I left it alone and wandered across to Long Bay…

Unbelievable the way the waves were crashing onto the beach and interacting.

So I will pause here for a couple of days and enjoy the weather. I am looking forward to wandering the beach at low tide to see what a difference it brings.

Safe travels everyone….

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