Saturday, August 2, 2014

Opunake Walkway

This morning we wandered off to have a look at the Opunake Walkway, a 7km wander around the coastline and through to Opunake Lake, a manmade lake that supplies water to the Opunake hydro electric station, that sits down on Opunake Beach.


We were parked in Middleton Bay so we went towards Te Namu Pa

On the way we encountered the twin beam bridge leading across the stream to the Pa, we didn’t cross here but carried on out the end to the street This took us out to the wharf, or the remnants there of. It was a very wild and woolly place and It really does say a lot for the fortitude of the early settlers to attempt to bring boats into this area. Scary stuff and today was relatively calm.

From there we returned to the busses and headed off down the road towards Stratford, stopping at the lovely Hollard Gardens at Kaponga. An awesome spot with acres of amazing garden that is a wonderful mix of plantings.

After a quiet night there, we headed to Stratford, where we had a lovely coffee and did some laundry. We also watched the Glockenspiel that is in the main street do its thing.

After that we separated and I headed out towards Lake Rotokare for the night.

A wild and woolly evening was had, with torrential rain and some pretty hairy wind gusts rocking the bus, but I survived without having to shift the bus.

Tomorrow I’ll meet up with Brenda and Roger again and we shall…… not sure what!