Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting somewhat close now.

So today was a huge day for me.
Yesterday I successfully sat my Class 2 learners license (100% pass)
Today I successfully completed the logbook and the driving fatigue assessment and the practical driving test. So tomorrow is the final assessment and then I have my Class 2 drivers license. 
It has been an interesting time getting back into some solid learning, helped by the tutor Brian who is great. His style is similar to mine in a lot of ways, using real (or not) stories to illustrate what he is teaching so when you come to the assessment, you remember the story, remember the rule and can get the correct answer. 
Had an interesting time driving around the outskirts of Hamilton in a large truck, in the rain with a great tester, who gave me some great driving tips and tricks. Was a great experience once I learnt how to go from 4th to 5th and not 4th to 7th! It was a 'tap and go' gearbox. We live and learn. Only bounced the curb badly once. So a successful drive. It is a very different experience driving a heavy truck and once you get used to it quite relaxing.
So completion tomorrow and then off to deliver a seminar late afternoon. Going to be a busy day!
Will post tomorrow evening to let you know final results.


  1. I get scared driving anything bigger than my car!!!
    Go you!!!

  2. You are not you fathers daughter then..... ;)

    1. Hahaha I certainly am not in that regard!!