Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Post Birthday perambulations

Well yesterday was my birthday, thanks for all the thoughts and best wishes from everyone. Feels great to turn 55 and be heading off on a huge adventure.
Yesterday I worked til 3, headed off up the Waikato Expressway for the time in my little Mitsubishi Colt. I was heading off to dinner with my son James, his partner Larney and the three children,  Jayden and Christopher. A wonderful meal was had. Finished off with a wonderful Key Lime Pie, sprinkled with grated Whitaker's L&P white choc. 
James and I then headed off back down the motorway from Army Bay, Whangaparoa, a quick stop off in Huntly and then continued on to Walton. Some interesting discussions were had on the way between father and son! 
We spent the night at Walton and left early this morning, James back to Whangaparoa and me to Huntly and a days work. 
The amazing reaction from my work colleagues was a huge buzz for me and it was a bit of a show and tell during the day around seeing clients, continuing to move the office and was finished off with some wallpapering in the main Social Services office. An awesome wallpaper and it really did look good, I hope it still does in the morning!
Arrived home in the Fredrock Cafe, put down the wonderful ramps, drove onto the section, turned around without hitting anything at all and after getting organised for tomorrow an now lying on the bed writing this on my iPad. 
Tomorrow is going to be a full on moving stuff day. Off to Pukekawa to pick up trailer and car, leave the bus there, return to Huntly, load up car and trailer off to Takanini to one of my wonderful sisters (btw I have 6 of them incase you were wondering) back to Pukekawa, drop off car and trailer and pick up bus and off back to Huntly. 
Hope everyone has safe travels.

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