Monday, August 19, 2013

T minus 13 or T minus 5......

Depending on what day we are talking about gives rise to the issue of how we're counting.
The 5 days is now until pickup of the bus. I am planning to travel to Taupo on Saturday to have a learning session and pick up my new home, drive it back to Walton and spend the next two days going over it with a fine tooth comb.
T minus 13 is the time til I move out of my stationary home and move into my mobile home. So things are ramping up rapidly now.
The next three days I am heading to Hamilton to sit my Class 2 drivers license, so am going to be flat out doing that. I am having dinner with my son Tuesday night up in Whangaparoa after delivering a budgeting session in Mt Wellington. Thursday afternoon after my drivers course I am delivering a budgeting seminar in Spring Hill Correctional Facility. So it's a busy week. Add to the mix that I have started moving offices at work adds just a bit of excitement ton already interesting week. 
My sister has emailed me to tell me that my herb garden is planted and ready for traveling!  So things are getting closer and closer.
I am away to do some last minute spot from the Road Code for tomorrow.
TTFN and safe journeys everyone.

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