Thursday, August 8, 2013

T minus 4 months

Well, the time has come to again change direction, move forward and make things happen.
I am heading out onto the NZ highways in a mobilehome and will be blogging about my travels.
I intend to be out on the road no later than the beginning of December 2013 but this may be brought forward depending on whether the house I am in sells before that and how quickly I can sell my other two houses.
If anyone know of someone wanting to buy either in Tuakau, Franklin or Westport, Buller let me know. The houses will be on TradeMe soon.
Recently having separated from my long term partner and while recuperating from some surgery with my sister and her husband, we were chatting about where to for me and a proposition was put forward that I team up with them, share their home base in Walton and we head out together as a team.
They have been mobile for some time now and they seemed quite keen on the idea and so here I am.
Looking for a vehicle to buy, so many to choose from and wow can you drop some serious cash onto a mobilehome!
So this is the start of a long journey getting onto the road and visiting NZ.
We are heading off to Tauranga this weekend to see what vehicles are going to suit my needs and maybe, just maybe find something suitable!
Will keep you all up to date with my progress.
"The view from my kitchen window keeps changing!"

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