Saturday, August 17, 2013

T minus 15 days

Today was a very interesting day. I became very aware of what I am heading into while delivering a seminar to a group of young women through the YWCA Future Leaders Programme.
It was a grat day but really sheeted home to me the fact that I am heading at a 94.5 degree angle to 'normal'. 
The enormity of the journey tends to want to overwhelm me from time to time, but I realize that I want to do this, have wanted to do this for over 30 years and I am going to make this adventure work.
I am blown away by the positive support that I am getting from family, friends and colleagues. 
I posted my adventure on a Facebook page put up by someone looking for a new adventure and the number of people supporting me and offering to join me when I am in their part of this lovely country just reinforced my desire to ensure that this adventure is one of the best times of my life!

While I have been sorting out the physical things in my life, I have come to realize that 'things' are not important. The bits, pieces and detritus that we accumulate over time are really only memory joggers. We see an object and it brings back the memory of the person, place or time. 
I am wondering if the box of photos that has sat unlooked at for 18 year is worth keeping! I have decided to offer it to my son as it is my life in pictures and he may be interested. I am also considering taking it on my journey and on quiet nights, scan them into the computer and create a "life of me" something. 
I am considerably surprised by the amount of 'stuff' that I am leaving behind and how little one 'needs' in ones life.
So the collection of 'The Fredrock Cafe' is getting closer and things are starting to come together nicely.
Stay tuned as I progress myself onward and upward in my journey.

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  1. really when it comes down to it we can't take anything with us when we die so what we have shouldn't be as valuable as the things we experience xx I have no doubt that you will have the most amazing adventure ever!