Friday, August 9, 2013

T minus 22 days

Who's counting.....  I am!!
So today is the start of the reorganize my life period. What to keep for the bus, what to keep and store and what to get rid of??
Lying in bed last night, thinking of all the stuff I have and what I need to keep and what I want to keep, there is very little that I want to keep.
I currently have pared down my possessions after moving from Pukekawa so the good thing is at there is not heaps of stuff to go through.
I have decided that the table and chairs, front loading washing machine and fridge will be sold, the couch and lazyboy can go back to Pukekawa.
The office furniture can be offered for sale it's only two desks, one with drawers and they are cheapies from the Warehouse anyway. 
The set of drawers I will keep for Walton and the bookcases can go.
Lawn mower can go to James. It is old but still works well.
I an going to keep the ladder and wheelbarrow as they both fold down.
The tent can be sold but will keep at least one air bed. I will be buying a single person tent for tramping.
The bed will go to Walton.
The TV's will be sold as will the PS3 and Freeview box and DVD player. I will keep SG1 and Atlantis Dvd's but the rest can go.
I will give the last of the books to the local college. 
The bread maker will be up for sale.  
If anyone wants anything in this list let me know. I will post pics if required. Most will be come and get!
It seems that The Fredrock Cafe is getting to be the name and the following pic seems to be the font.

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  1. Loving the name up there! It is going to look fantastic! xxx